Veterans of the Gov. Crapo Post No. 145, Grand Army of the Republic

Abbey      James              SGT      G     10th New York Artillery      
Adams      John        Quincy PVT      A     8th Michigan Infantry        
Algoe      John               CPT      I     10th Michigan Infantry       
Allen      J.          S.     PVT      D     90th New York Infantry       
Allen      William     B.     PVT      K     23rd Michigan Infantry       
Anailes    William            Seaman                                      
Arnold     William     S.     SGT      C     1st Michigan Cavalry         
Austin     Charles     W.     PVT      A     5th Ohio Cavalry             
Babcock    Dwight             SGT      G     27th Michigan Infantry       
Bagley     William     M.     PVT      I     137th New York Infantry      
Bagley     Chauncey    L.     PVT      I     7th U.S. Infantry            
Bailey     William     D.     PVT      H     28th Michigan Infantry       
Baker      Charles Jr.        PVT      G     9th Michigan Cavalry         
Barker     Russell     M.     CPT      I     10th Michigan Infantry       
Barney     J.          O.                                                 
Bassett    A.          W.     PVT      G     22nd Michigan Infantry       
Beach      Charles            PVT      H     27th Michigan Infantry       
Beach      Edmund             PVT      D     102nd Rhode Island Infantry  
Beacham    Wallis      M.     PVT      K     10th Michigan Cavalry        
Beagle     L.          N.     CPL      A     23rd New York Infantry       
Bedteldyon Jacob              CPT      K     4th Michigan Cavalry         
Begg       John        W.     PVT      D     1st Michigan Sharpshooters   
Benjamin   Milton      S.     PVT      F     2nd Michigan Infantry        
Benjamin   John        R.     SGT      G     8th Michigan Infantry        
Bentley    Charles     L.     PVT      D     7th Ohio Infantry            
Bidelman   J.          K.     SGT            8th New York Heavy Artillery 
Bidelman   James       K.     SGT      D     8th New York Heavy Artillery 
Bigelow    Anson       S.     SGT      E     1st Michigan Light Artillery 
Billings   Albert             PVT      I     7th Michigan Cavalry         
Blackman   Edgar       A.     PVT      C     140th Indiana Infantry       
Blanchay   Willie                                                         
Blowers    James              PVT      W     5th Illinois Artillery       
Bowker     Charles     H.     PVT      E     137th Ohio Infantry          
Brailey    Hiram              CPL      B     10th Michigan Infantry       
Briggs     Henry       M.     PVT      H     20th Maine Infantry          
Broad      Fran        F.     PVT      E     9th New York Heavy Artillery 
Brooks     David              PVT      C     68th Indiana Infantry        
Brown      Charles     S.     PVT      K     21st Michigan Infantry       
Brownell   Harrison           PVT      B     6th Michigan Heavy Artillery 
Buchanan   John        R.     PVT      B     29th Michigan Infantry       
Buchanan   Henry       T.     PVT      F     151st New York Infantry      
Buckingham G.          W.                    23rd Michigan Infantry       
Buckingham Lyman       G.     CSGT     G     8th Michigan Infantry        
Burbank    George      W.     CPL      A     8th Michigan Infantry        
Burch      Lewis              PVT      E     8th New York Cavalry         
Burlimon   John               PVT      E     23rd Michigan Infantry       
Burnham    C.          W.     PVT      M     1st New Jersey Cavalry       
Burton     Lester      L.     PVT      E     1st New York Light Artillery 
Calari     Miles              PVT      A     3rd Michigan Cavalry         
Caldwell   Walter      R      CPL      G     151st New York Infantry      
Call       Erastus            PVT      F     1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics 
Cambell    W.          F.     CPT      I     140th New York Infantry      
Camp       Isa         M.     PVT            1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics 
Campbell   Joseph      J.     PVT      D     9th New York Cavalry         
Carey      John        H.     PVT      D     27th Michigan Infantry       
Carpenter  Jacob       D.     PVT      B     1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics 
Carter     Mortimer           SGT      A     8th Michigan Infantry        
Case       Jobe               PVT      D     1st Michigan Cavalry         
Cassimer   Samuel             2LT      K     30th Mississippi Infantry    
ChamberlainG.                 SGT      I     30th Michigan Infantry       
Chapin     A.          B.     PVT      D     8th Michigan Infantry        
Chapman    Clark       F.     PVT      F     2nd Michigan Infantry        
Chapman    John        M.     PVT      I     24th Michigan Infantry       
Clancy     Patrick            PVT      C     23rd Michigan Infantry       
Clark      Watson      J.     CPL      D     4th Michigan Infantry        
Clayton    Thomas             PVT      K     8th Michigan Infantry        
Cleveland  John        W.     PVT      K     23rd Michigan Infantry       
Cline      Harvey             PVT      A     18th Illinois Infantry & Gunboat Kersage 
Clossos    George      W.     PVT      I     8th Michigan Cavalry         
Clother    Harlow             PVT      A     8th Michigan Infantry        
Colby      W.          C.     PVT      K     21st Michigan Infantry       
Cole       Mortimer    W.     PVT      A     5th Ohio Infantry            
Collins    Silas              PVT      K     23rd Michigan Infantry       
Collins    Levi        H.     CPL      A     8th Michigan Infantry        
Coltron    Charles            PVT      D     24th New York Cavalry        
Conover    Charles     H. W.  PVT      A     U.S. Engineers               
Cook       Miles       P.     PVT            20th Ohio Light Artillery    
Cook       Selah              PVT      F     2nd Michigan Cavalry         
Cooley     James              PVT      G     29th Michigan Infantry       
Cooper     Martin      L.     PVT      B     8th Michigan Infantry        
Countryman Paul               PVT      F     2nd New York Heavy Artillery 
Countryman Paul               CPL      F     2nd New York Heavy Artillery 
Cox        Nathan             PVT      D     44th Indiana Infantry & 5th U.S. Inf. 
Coy        William            PVT      F     15th Michigan Infantry       
Crawford   William     H.     PVT      A     1st Michigan Cavalry         
Criner     Franklin    T.     PVT      B     4th Michigan Cavalry         
Cudney     Charles     A.     PVT      B     1st Michigan Engineers & Mechanics 
Cuile      Charles     S.     PVT      I     14th Michigan Infantry       
Culver     Orren              PVT      H     20th Michigan Infantry