The Gov. Crapo (pronounced Cray'-po) Camp No. 145 of Flint is named for the Grand Army of the Republic Post of that name. The Gov. Crapo Post No 145 was chartered on June 7, 1883. The Post was named for Henry H. Crapo, a resident of Flint, Michigan, and Governor of the State during the Civil War, from 1864 to 1868. It's membership was in excess of 500 Veterans, who had rendered honorable service to the United States during the War of the Rebellion.

The Post ceased to exist with the death of Comrade Theodore Burden, a Private of Company A, 15th Michigan Infantry Regiment, in April 1937, and closure of the Post and transfer of remaining member, Corydon E. Foote, Musician, Company F, 10th Michigan Infantry Regiment, to the Department of Michigan At Large. Comrade Foote died in 1943, the last remaining Civil War veteran from Genesee County.

Several Comrades of the Governor Henry H. Crapo Post No. 145
Taken on Memorial Day,1924, before the Flint Congregational

Church, West First Street, Flint, MI

Courtesy of the Flint Public Library

Post 145 GAR

1-Joseph Rush, 2-not a member, 3-William Crawford, 4-William McOucy,

5-George Scheibel, 6-Elam Bailey, 7-Frederick Hanley, 9-William Bailey,

10-George Jewell, 11-William Swartout, 12-William Fosdick,

13-Thomas B. Fouch (Post Commander), 14-Unknown, 15-Freeland Rich,

16-Charles Graph, 17-James Van Tassell, 18-Arnandor Ruby, 19-Wray Mitchell

Roster of Gov. Crapo Post 145, Grand Army of the Republic

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(Please note that the roster is a work in progress and is currently missing many names)

Charter Members of the Gov. Crapo Post No. 145
Department of Michigan
Grand Army of the Republic

Headquarters Post No. 145, Mich.

To Gen. O.A. James
Commanding Department

I have the honor to submit the following report of the muster of Post No. 145 located at Flint, Michigan, to which work I was detailed by special order No. 32, bearing date June 7th 1883.

A.M. Holt
Chief Mustering Officer

Name Regiment and Company
1. Richard H. Hughes 23rd Michigan Infantry, Co. K
2. William Charles United States Navy
3. James K. Bedelman 8th New York Artillery, Co. D
4. Charles Harris 23rd Michigan Infantry, Co. H
5. George McConnelly 2nd Michigan Infantry, Co. C
6. George Raab 4th Michigan Cavalry
7. William Turner 2nd Michigan Infantry, Co. F
8. Ira M. Camp 1st Michigan Eng. & Mech., Co. D
9. John Algoe 10th Michigan Infantry, Co. I
10. Frank E. Willet 8th New York Cavalry, Co. A
11. Gabriel Demorest 15th New York Infantry, Co. D
12. George W. Buckingham 2nd Michigan Infantry, Co. C
13. George W. Fish 4th Michigan Cavalry, Surgeon
14. Frank W. Demson 117th New York Infantry
15. H.N. Gay 20th Michigan Infantry, Co. G
16. W.R. Marsh 10th Michigan Cavalry
17. James Hempstead 16th Michigan Infantry, Co. C
18. William Smyth 23rd Michigan Infantry
19. Marvin C. Barney 24th Michigan Infantry, Co. C
20. Isaac Rynex 6th Michigan Infantry, Cos. A&F
21. Abram Rickey 5th Michigan Infantry